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Department of Preschool and Primary Education

About the Department
Li Elena Dmitrievna Full name
Head of the Department Position
Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Scientific degree Email address

The modern department dates back to the 1959-1960 academic year. It was then that the Pedagogical Institute opened a new department-pedagogy and methods of primary education. The following year, it was transformed into the Faculty of Methods of Primary Education (MPE). It was headed by a well-known teacher in Kostanay, a knight of three orders, an excellent student of public education of the Kazakh SSR, a teacher, a school director, an inspector of Oblono, and then the director of the Institute for Teacher Improvement B. D. Melekhin.

Since 2004, the department has added an extremely necessary specialty for modern Kazakhstan – preschool education and upbringing. A little later, the department acquired the name "Department of Pedagogy and Methods of Preschool, Primary and Special Education" and trained these specialists until 2016.

Since 2016, such a direction as special education has been separated and acquired the status of an independent department. Since this year, the department provides high-quality training of primary school teachers and educators of preschool organizations, is called "Department of Preschool and Primary Education".

In 2019 according to the rating of the National chamber of entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan "Atameken" among higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan the educational program "Pedagogy and methodology of primary education", "Preschool training and education" took 1st and 2nd places respectively.