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Department of Physics, Mathematics and Digital Technology

About the Department
Radchenko Tatyana Aleksandrovna Full name
Head of the Department Position
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The department is the oldest, existing since 1939, since the founding of the Kustanai two-year Teacher Training Institute. The department trains teachers and teachers of physics, mathematics, computer science and is a structural unit of the Faculty of Information Technology of Kostanay State University named after A. Baitursynov.

The aim of the department is to improve the quality of educational services, the implementation of educational, scientific and training activities at the level that provides consumers with educational services corresponding to modern standards of education.

The implementation of educational programs for undergraduate and graduate students is provided by teaching staff who have basic education, relevant to the profile of disciplines taught and are systematically engaged in research and teaching activities.

Within the framework of the professional development of the teaching staff the teachers of the department pass training both within the country and abroad. Increase of qualifications teachers carry out visits to seminars invited scientists from abroad and other organizations. Employees of the department continue to prepare and publish articles in journals with a high impact factor.

Graduates of the department are in demand at all times and work not only as teachers in schools, colleges, universities, but also in many industries in the country and abroad.

Among the 11 winners inscribed in the "Golden Book of Youth" of Kostanay region in 2017, two of our graduates: Amirzhan Jumabekov, deputy director on work with gifted children of KSU "School-gymnasium № 3 of education department of Kostanay", Bekir Margulan Abdollauly, director of the public fund "Zhaydarly Zhastar" (KVN League in the state language "Zhaydarman").

The staff of the department and its employees were repeatedly awarded certificates of merit for fruitful work, teaching activities, creative approach to business, high professionalism.

Among the teaching staff for the past 5 years were awarded the badge "For the merits in the development of the University" (Telegina O.S., Radchenko T.A., Radchenko P.N., Demina N.F.), Honorary Diplomas of MES RK (Kasymova A.G., Telegina O.S., Radchenko T.A., Radchenko P.N.), letters of thanks from Rector (Ersultanova Z.S., Telegina O.S., Radchenko P.N.). High professionalism of the staff was marked by the inclusion in the Book of Honor of the University (Demina N.F.).