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Department of Special Education

About the Department
Likhodedova Lyudmila Nikolaevna Last Name First Name Patronymic
Head of the Department Position
Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Scientific degree
Associate professor Аcademic status Email address

Provision of professional training of future specialists in special pedagogy on the basis of advanced educational standards and in accordance with the Graduate Model, the values ​​of the Pedagogical Institute KRU named after A. Baitursynov is carried out by qualified teachers: L.N. Likhodedov, head. department, candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor; S.S. Mnaidarova, PhD, Acting associate professor; Sevostyanova S.S., candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor; Alipbaeva G.A., Senior Lecturer, Master of Biology; D.K. Kozhanova, Senior Lecturer, Master of Special Education; Kazakova O.V., Senior Lecturer, Master of Psychology,Nurova A.K., Senior Lecturer, Master of Pedagogical Sciences; RK Begezhanova, teacher, master of pedagogical sciences; Lemekhova V.K., teacher, master of special education; Satybaldina R.A., teacher, master of pedagogical sciences.

The teachers of the department carry out educational activities on disciplines of medical-pedagogical, psychological-pedagogical and special-methodological directions. for example, these include: "Anatomy, physiology and pathology of the organs of hearing, vision and speech", "Fundamentals of neuropathology", "Psychopathology", "Clinic of intellectual disabilities", "Special pedagogy", "Special psychology", "Inclusive education "," Speech therapy ", etc.

In order to ensure the integration of education, science and production for conducting practical classes, workshops, guidance of pedagogical and industrial practice, experienced specialists working in the system of special educational organizations and institutions of Kostanay and the Kostanay region are involved in the department.

The teachers of the department use a variety of forms and types of independent work and encourage their successful implementation: note-taking, abstracting, defense of reports and abstracts, making presentations, working with concepts, working with test tasks, advising students, solving problem problems and situations -tion, writing essays, developing presentations, projects. Such forms of work form the skills of independent educational and cognitive activity of students, the ability to use electronic catalogs, electronic libraries and special Internet sites.

As a result, a graduate can engage in correctional pedagogical and consultative and diagnostic activities: correct developmental disorders; develop individual educational and correctional programs; to study the peculiarities of psychophysical development and the needs of persons with disabilities; give advice to people with special needs, their family members.

An important area of ​​activity of the teaching staff of the department is the holding of various seminars, conferences, meetings, round tables with the involvement of international and domestic specialists.