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Department of Foreign language: two foreign languages

Educational programm
The educational program of the Department of Philology trains future teachers in the following educational programs (OP):

6B01705 Foreign language: two foreign languages

Code and classification of educational sphere: 6B01 Pedagogical Sciences

Code and classification of training areas: 6B018 Training of foreign language teachers

Terms of training:
  • full-time -4 years,
  • full-time reduced-2 and 3 years,
  • full-time distance learning-2 and 3 years
Teaching staff of the Department
  • Today, the Department employs 28 specialists: professors, associate professors, candidates of science, PhD, masters, senior teachers.
Types of professional activity:
  • educational (pedagogical) – as a teacher of a foreign language in secondary schools, secondary special educational institutions, vocational schools, as well as in educational institutions of other types and forms, on various training courses;
  • research – performance of scientific research in specialized disciplines in various organizations;
  • production and management activities in state structures of various levels (education departments, akimats, etc.)
  • translation – translator, mediator in intercultural communication in companies engaged in international activities of various kinds.
Objects of professional activity:
  • The objects of professional activity of graduates are:
  • secondary schools,
  • secondary professional education organizations,
  • vocational schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, colleges.
Educational direction

Educational and methodical work occupies the main place in the activities of the educational program (training of foreign language teachers). The teaching staff of the Department of Philology is constantly working on the development of educational and methodical complexes in the disciplines of the center in all specialties of the bachelor's degree, educational and methodical publications, including electronic media necessary to ensure the educational process.

Teachers of the center introduce innovative teaching technologies and new teaching methods into the educational process, allowing to intensify cognitive activity, strengthen independent training, improve the quality of the educational process.

Classes are conducted using modern technical means, educational and methodical literature of the world's leading publishers (for example, Oxford, Hueber, Longman, etc.).

Teachers constantly improve their professional skills by participating in regional, national, international conferences, seminars and trainings held by the Embassies of France and Germany in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as actively participate in language seminars. The PPP of the center develops international cooperation with the Goethe Institute, The French Alliance.

Sukhova A.V.6 - 21 July 2017 passed advanced training on the international program Erasmus +. The internship was held in Perpignan (France) at the University of ViaDomicia.

Ungutbaeva G.Sh. passed a foreign internship consisting of two parts. In the period from 09 to 21 October 2017, the first part of the training program was held – Online training, during which three modules were mastered: Psychological and pedagogical, Systems for evaluating the results of education, Technological. Webinars, review lectures, presentations, tasks for each module, final testing for all modules were available to the audience. The second stage took place on the basis of the higher technical Institute ISEP Porto in Portugal from 31.10.17 to 9.11.17

On December 11-15, 2017, a number of trainings on "Trilingual education" were held with lecturer James Edward Thomas.

From February 19 to March 3, 2018- associate professor of the Department of foreign languages, Kudritskaya M. I. passed professional development at the British Council in Almaty.

Ismagulova G. K. Participation in the work of the German institutional partnership, (international project, Baku, 02-05. 10. 2017).

From 31.07.2016 to 13.08.2016 teacher Abisheva S. K. took part in a language seminar on "Methods of teaching German" in Bonn (Federal Republic of Germany)

From 27.08.2017 to 09.09.2017 the teacher Kuskadamova K. S. took a language training course on the topic "Methods of teaching the German language" in SchwäbischHall (Federal Republic of Germany).

Educational direction

Educational work is carried out in accordance with the plan of educational work of the Department of Philology and the University. Plans of educational work of curators were approved at a meeting of the Board of the Department. In the process of education, various forms and methods are used: individual conversations, meetings with parents, exchange of experience of senior students with first-year students.

Of great importance in the organization of educational work is the activity of curators.

For example, curators hold events in groups in the following areas:
  • ideological and civil-patriotic education;
  • moral, legal and family education;
  • education of culture of labor and professional activity;
  • formation of a healthy lifestyle and skills of safe life, environmental culture;
  • education of ethical, aesthetic culture, culture of life and leisure.

In addition, the curatorial hours discuss the policy of academic integrity, the code of corporate ethics of faculty and students of the University, the issues of current academic performance and attendance.

Teachers and students participate in the event "health Day", in the festive concert dedicated to the Independence Day of Kazakhstan; visit the Russian drama and puppet theater, the Kazakh drama theater, the Regional Museum of local lore; take part in preventive measures related to the elements of religious intolerance; participate in events held by the Regional library named after Tolstoy.