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Department of Foreign language: two foreign languages

Our perspective

In different years, teachers of the Department of Philology in the direction of "Training of foreign language teachers" prepared for the creative activity of many famous humanitarians of Kostanay region. Our graduates are deputies, scientists, business people, school principals, teachers, excellent students of education in Kazakhstan, Russia, winners of creative competitions, winners of various festivals.

Our future students are waiting for interesting lectures, creative discussions, trainings, business games, study abroad and in Kazakhstan under the program of academic mobility in such countries as Turkey, Slovakia, France, Poland, Hungary and others, as well as thanks to dual training students can study and work on the basis of an educational organization.  In our future students we will develop the qualities of creative, initiative, educated, intelligent, intellectual personality. This is facilitated in addition to the educational process by regularly held events such as: student scientific and practical conferences, training of students of the Department of Philology-volunteers in the American corner of the KOUNB.L. N. Tolstoy as a volunteer English teacher.

Participation of students in competitions and conferences

Every year students of 3-4 courses take part in student scientific and practical conferences

Student publications in the BULLETIN

On October 24 students of 2-4 courses studying German as a second language participated in the testing for the DAAD scholarship

Amirgaliev Alibi 3rd year student together with the supervisor Kinzhibaeva A. S. took part in the competition Start Up projects.

Every year under the program of academic mobility our students study in foreign universities (France, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey)

Scientific-research direction

Scientific direction of the Department: "Introduction of innovative models of organization of training sessions in the context of cross-cultural and multilingual development of the potential of the student's personality in the conditions of professional orientation of training»

Research activities were carried out in priority areas:
  • Improving the quality of educational, educational and research activities,
  • Development of mobility of teachers and students,
  • Introduction of elements of multilingual education,
  • Improvement of work programs in accordance with the transition to 12-year training.
The most important achievements of scientific activity:
  • Ismagulova G. K. received the title of Professor of VAK, as well as the title of "Best teacher of the year» 2017
  • Zhakebaeva M. G. received the French order of the academic palm branch 2017
  • Bezhina V.V. received the title of "Best teacher of the year» 2018