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Department of Arts

About the Department
Aisina Sulushash Temirtaevna Last Name First Name Patronymic
Acting Head of the Department of Arts Position
Master of Pedagogy Scientific degree Email address
8-7142-54 - 58-74 (147) Phone
Kostanay, ul. Tauelsizdik, office 118 No. 313 Address

The history of the Department of Arts dates back to 1991. The main goal of the department is to train competitive specialists in the field of music education, art and culture.

The Department of Music was established in 1991 at the Faculty of Pedagogy, where specialists were trained in the specialty "Music and Singing". In 1993, the department grew into the Faculty of Music. The first dean was the Honored Worker of Culture Mukanov Kh. M. (1991-1996). Then the music faculty was headed by a graduate of the Almaty State Conservatory.Kurmangazy, Ph. D., associate Professor Zhakaeva S. A. (1996-2009) In 2002, with the opening of the specialty "Fine Arts and Drawing", the Faculty was renamed the Faculty of Arts, which included two departments: musical instruments, Theory and Art History. In 2010, as a result of the merger of the two departments, the Department of Arts was formed, the head of the department was appointed Ph. D. Sapieva M. S. (2010-2020).

The Department of Arts provides teaching of the fundamental foundations of music education and fine arts. Training of specialists is conducted in the state and Russian languages. The implementation of educational programs at the department is provided by teaching staff who have a basic education corresponding to the profile of the disciplines taught, engaged in scientific and methodological activities. The Department of Arts is equipped with special classrooms with instruments, there is a music laboratory, a costume room.

In order to develop and strengthen scientific and methodological and scientific ties, the Department of Arts has signed an agreement on international scientific and methodological and creative cooperation with the Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture (Chelyabinsk), and the department also maintains creative ties with a number of regional, republican, scientific institutions and universities: Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University (Almaty), Yu.Altynsarin Arkalyk Pedagogical Institute, South Ural State Humanitarian and Pedagogical University (Chelyabinsk), Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture.

As part of the professional development of the faculty of the Department of Arts, they are trained both within the country and abroad. Teachers carry out professional development by attending seminars, master classes, round tables of invited scientists from far abroad, participating in scientific and practical conferences, publishing articles in various scientific journals.

Currently, the Department of Arts employs: candidates of Pedagogical Sciences, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, member of the Union of Young Artists of Kazakhstan, Masters of Pedagogy and Psychology.

Faculty members of the department have repeatedly been awarded Certificates of Honor for fruitful work in the field of education, high professionalism, creative and performing activities, for training Laureates from among students in various National and International competitions.

The owner of the title "Excellent student of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (2000) and the badge named after Yu.Altynsarinа (2011) is a Ph. D. candidate, associate professor of the department S.A.Zhakaeva, the badge "75 years of KSPI" was awarded to: art. Aisina S.T., Zhakaeva K. A., Zadorozhnaya S. N., Akbuzhurova S.Zh., Islyamova L. S., Esmagambetova Sh. K., Zhusupova D. Zh., Komissarov S.V., Abdimominova D.K. The badge "For contribution to the development of the University" was awarded to: art. Aisina S.T., Zhakaeva K.A., Zadorozhnaya S.N.